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Postby Cazador » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:08 pm

Fisherman's house
-On the worldmap, the event isn't on player touch
-Rain inside

"Fortress of Solitude, Investigate the hidden fortress" isn't dark and centered (in Xaven's office)
"Fortress of Solitude, Quest complete" same

For some reason "Night of the Raping Dead" is still incomplete in my quest logs. Not sure if the problem is with this version or not.

On the worldmap, the traveling merchant's caravan isn't in fixed direction, which is kinda weird imo

Not sure if it's a bug but my character has some eggplant status that doesn't go away

Before defeated Borgen, there's a silly music, and it stays after defeating him, even tho it's quite out of place given the more serious tone of the scene

EDIT: For some reason the Kellos defector in Eastford is direction fixed

The kellosian soldier who gives the invitation from Barst doesn't disappear at any point of the quest. He just stays in front of the Condo.

Did we get a "quest complete" message for the Kellos quest? I don't remember one

There's some awiiabu in Florine's shop when Lilac's in it, and Florine's face shows up in the dialogue even when she's in the dungeon.

"Where the hell did that lazy miner go now?" doesn't fit in the screen, so the end gets cut

Earl Nic's manor's doors are too big for the hole behind them
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