Weapon bug:Fate Ender

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Weapon bug:Fate Ender

Postby Kargan3033 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:16 am

I had to restart my game because I could not get the Fate Ender weapon by upgrading the Holy Diver weapon after getting from complete Can't Handle It Cover after beating grandmaster Dio.

What happened was I gave the Holy Diver to Teress/paladin girl and it got upgrade to The Sergel(SP) which blocked off any ferither game progression, going to try again and see what happens if I don't give the Holy Diver to Tresse/paladin girl.

But you might want to change the Holy Diver upgrade so it will be upgraded to the Fate Ender only so you won't have a game braking bug because you can not get any more quests due to not having Fate Ender for the Hero.

Ok I reloaded after Can't handle it Cove and upgraded the Hero's sword to shinny sword and I still could not get the fate ender, what is going on?
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