Missed Thing on 36.5 [like a Bug Report]

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Missed Thing on 36.5 [like a Bug Report]

Postby OgichiXZ215 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:59 am

Well hello, i post this like a "missed thing" because i don't know how to call it, like something you just pass by or something like that.. and if you alredy knew this or alredy being reported or something, if it was alredy reported, i'm really sorry.
If not well...

I already did the alina love mision, i really love this game too.
The gamblin den it's my property now, i just end the mission of the dragon, the countess is dead and i'm raina.
I was exploring the sums a little bit and check the gambling den, then suddenly the protagonist say "Let me in jackass" with his portrait.
I don't know if you just miss or you can't do anything about this (I guess you can like, if the #1 party member is raina, change the event in the door, like change the dialogues and things).

edited (04/12/18): If you go talk with elaiya after the quest It's Pronounced "Sabotage" she will talk about the dark wanderer. Then if you try to talk with nerys about last quest, she will repeat the same dialogue of elaiya and even with her portrait too. Didn't happend with yeon or any other one (I talk with all the girls and only nerys was affected) so, that's another.. thing

edited (05/12/18): well, i found 2 things:
-Tile in the broken woods on eastfort non humans city, they changed to a "heal woods" (like, they see as a broken woods and then suddenly when action changes into the not broken ones). That's a thing.

-I alredy beat all the quest and only have the incompleted ones left. I was going to the vacation quest but i need to past the day (passed with timeturnerer - easy mode tool) and then goes vacation. After finish that vacation thing, i get back to the northmarket manor. And then suddenly, my cat wasn't anywhere. Like he really disapears (or maybe he can be in another place instead of market manor?) idk really. I timereturner again and the cat was in the east wing 1f, and later he still appears. But that's a thing.
Maybe he doesn't always showup? is he hidding? is he behind the silver door in the basemente? Idk really, but if is not acting as planned, then it's a bug i guess.

Album with some screenshots of the bugs (i missed some like the dark wanderer because it got fade to black because of alt+enter fullscreen)

Album: https://imgur.com/a/dmtUgYT

And that's all really.. I'm really sorry if you alredy knew this or being reported alredy.

I love the game, keep with the hard work and i really expect to play a lot more, the best jrpg i ever played (no joke).

If i didn't follow like some posting rules, let me know so i can improve.
I don't really expect to report more things... but if i found more i will.
Have a nice day!

PD: Sorry for post in the wrong section, i didn't notice the bug report forum, thanks to the admin who moved in!
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